About us

VARIETY IT Established in 2020 in Egypt and UAE, Variety IT has started providing technical solutions and consulting in the field of resource planning for government and private enterprises as well as design and development of Internet sites and mobile applications to expand its business and services.


To be one of the leading IT and system-making organizations in the Middle East.


Providing innovative, reliable technical services and solutions that meet needs of our customers and create an environment that supports entrepreneurship through a professional team.

Strategic Goals

1. Expansion in the Middle East.
2. Develop Performance & Constantly Improve Products.
3. Increase Customer Satisfaction.
4. Switching to E-Commerce & Cloud Products.
5. Produce Quality Products with low Prices.

Why Variety IT?

We were in your place in the recent past

Before the last 3 years we were clients dealing with Services Providers, and all the pains you’re facing with vendors we have faced it as well.
So, we were in your shoes, and we know how to fulfill yours. 

Employees resistance

We know well how to deal with your team resistance behavior, by many ways for example:

  • attract them for development. 
  • follow-up friendly.
  • focusing on the cooperative persons who achieve good outputs.
  • following up officially.we do the tasks and escalate the situation. 

We know how your business is very important

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