Have A Successful Journey Beyond ERP Deployment


• New to ERP System?
• Workflows to adapt ERP
• Want to improve the performance of ERP development platform?
• A full-time ERP software support

We, VarietyIT can be the one-stop solution to your every ERP Support needs. Everything needs an upgrade at some point. Hence, in the interest of maintaining uptime and minimizing disruption, we proactively manage upgrades to keep you up and successfully running.
Implementing, managing and maintaining ERP software is only one half of the business relationship. Training your staff to make sure they can use the ERP software efficiently is the greatest contributor toward the success of a system and makes up an important part of the other half. We help you to achieve this through our effective ERP training on the post-ERP implementation phase. 

What Includes Our Support Package?

Our support package offers a wide range of services. It includes:

  • Technical support
  • Configuration support
  • Functional support
  • GAP Analysis
  • Scheduled Maintenance

Our services are available through the following systems.​

  • Telephone
  • WhatsApp
  • Online Meeting
  • Site visit