As an open –source ERP software, Odoo can help you to better manage your organization. It integrates with third-party software to give you a full suite of business apps to help you manage everything from sales and CRM to human resources and finance. With integrations, you can have a complete software system to manage your entire business from one platform.
VarietyIT offers Odoo integration for businesses, we can also customize odoo ERP for your business and provide Odoo development.
VarietyIT offers Odoo integration for businesses, we can also customize odoo ERP for your business and provide Odoo development


Odoo integration will help your business perform better by helping you manage all apects of your business from one platform. Specifically, Odoo integration helps businesses in areas such as materials and warehouse management, accounting, sales, finance, human resources, project management, E-Commerce, communications, marketing and more.
You can integrate your business needs with each other, or you can use Odoo as standalone software. No matter how you use it. With Odoo integration, you’ll increase your company’s overall productivity by bringing every aspect of your business into one platform. This saves valuable time and money by reducing the cost of manpower and increasing productivity across departments.
Odoo has thousands of modules available, and you can customize these to meet your business’s specifics needs.


Odoo API integration specifies how the different components of the Odoo software will interact. Your Odoo API integration will be customized for your business and based on your business needs. Because it is an open – source platform. Every business can have its own unique Odoo API integration that makes sense for how their company operate. The modular nature of Odoo means you can easily add modules as your business needs change and as your business grows and scales.
In addition to putting all of your apps into one platform, Odoo API integration can also include syncing and automation capabilities. With API integration, the apps on the Odoo platform will be able to share data and information with each other. 


  • Data migration from legacy systems to Odoo ERP.
  • Data migration from other ERPs to Odoo ERP.
  • Data migration from disconnected multiple apps to Odoo ERP.
  • Data migration from older version of Odoo to current stable version.
  • Data migration from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise.


  You might be running your business on an existing ERP system, using different software systems, or doing everything on Excel sheets.
When you decide to move to Odoo, data migration is one of the most important processes to be taken care of.
At VarietyIT we have helped a lot of customers successfully migrate their data from third party systems.