Founded in 2011, Bariq is the first food-grade rPET producer in Egypt and the biggest in the MENA region. The company started production of food-grade rPET with an AMUT and Starlinger PET recycling lines in 2012 and holds a positive EFSA opinion and a FDA Letter of Non-Objection (LNO). Health Canada approval, REACH & GRS compliant PET pellets. Bariq's facility is compliant with BRC and SEDEX directions achieving the best standards in good manufacturing practices with highest social working conditions.

Exporting 100% to global players in the packaging sector for bottle and food container producers throughout Europe and North America. Bariq is recycling 1.6 Billion PET bottles per year on the foundation of two sustainability pillars of being economically justified and environmentally sound. Over the past years, Bariq has recycled approximately 15 billion PET bottles into food and non-food grade pellets, which contributed to saving more than 260,000 tons of CO2 and helping countless marine life avoid non-degradable plastic issues. In late 2021 Bariq was acquired by INTRO Resource Recovery, a member of INTRO

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